Light On PTSD

Meet The 2016 Team

Allan Kobayashi




Allan is an 18 plus year Veteran of the Canadian Forces with operational tours both in Kosovo and Afghanistan.  He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2006 and began accepting psychological help, counselling, and other programs to help cope with the crippling effects of PTSD.  Throughout 10 years of varying therapies Allan discovered freedom through endurance running and cycling which evolved into an indespensable therapeutic tool for him.

Paul Brum




Paul has a number of close friends who are either military veterans or first responders diagnosed with PTSD.  Unfortunately, he learned first hand that trauma doesn't only effect our military and first responders.  In 2013 Paul and his family experienced a traumatizing river rafting accident while vacationing in Italy.  A traumatic experience can touch the lives of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.  It impacts the entire family.  It's time to raise awareness, to share, and to listen.  There is help available.  

Jennifer Brum




In 2013 Jennifer almost lost her life in a river rafting accident with her family while vacationing in Italy. The trauma of this event has led her down a path of recovery and ultimately a career in Trauma Counselling. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Int). Jennifer is dedicated to helping others as they navigate the aftershocks of trauma.

Channing Knull



Channing currently sits on the executive committee for the Wounded Warrior Run BC, and acts as the teams Emergency Services Liaison.  He experienced an OSI and was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2000 with a diagnosis of PTSD.  Channing is dedicated to informing the public about the ill effects of PTSD and other related mental conditions that effects so many peope.  His desire is to lead by example and support others in their journey back to health and wellness.

Chris and Kathryn Linford



Chris and Kathryn Linford are the National Ambassadors to Wounded Warriors Canada.  They have endured a 21 year battle with PTSD as a couple, completed a cross country book promotion and speaking tour regarding their personal journey to health (Warrior Rising - A Soldiers Journey to PTSD and Back), and are the Co-founders of the COPE Program (Couples Facing PTSD Everyday).

Fran Kobayashi



Fran and Allan Kobayashi have been together for 17 years.  Allan's PTSD symptoms became prevalent about one year after they started dating.  Fran became his wife, his best friend, and his main support.  In 2015, Fran and Allan received the gift of the COPE program (Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday).  In light of that experience Fran hopes to raise awareness around PTSD and how the family is effected and can be supported. 

Jody Pavesic



Jody is a wife, mother, triathlete, and cyclist.  She has also been a police officer for 17 years.  Unfortunately, in her profession she has witnessed trauma in many forms and at the end of the day her coat of armor comes off but the experiences and trauma can not be so easily removed.  No one should suffer with this condition alone.  Jody wants to raise awareness about trauma and PTSD and let others know that there is help available.