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(Note, no profits of sale go to "Light On PTSD")

Proviz is the most innovative enhanced visibility sports brand in the world. They provide award winning, quality and high performance apparel and accessories to cater for all sports and activities. Their globally best selling REFLECT360, SWITCH, Pixelite, Nightrider and Classics collections are available to buy online or available through our WorldWide Distribution Partners.

Light On PTSD

CLICK HERE to buy your Light On PTSD Stem Caps. All profits of sale go to "Light On PTSD"!

The center photo is the heart and soul of the Stem Cap System. Stem Caps patent pending CNC machined headset covers are made from 6061 aluminum and produced in Lockhart, Texas. Buy one to replace your current headset cap then purchase the Light On PTSD snap-on Stem Cap Covers to complete the Stem Caps System.

Please note the Light On PTSD caps will not fit on a stock bicycle stem cap. Please add a Stem Cap Base to your cart if you have not already purchased one. Once you have a Base Cap you can order as many cover caps as you desire, and change them out as you wish. It can be done in seconds. These work on most 1 1/8" steer tubes. If you have questions regarding compatibility with your bicycle, please email Jason at

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